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From Agave Syrup to Zucchini, this is your A-Z one stop food information source.

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Featured Video - Custard Apples

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A brief introduction

Custards apples grow in subtropical areas of Australia. They are pale green with a knobbly skin. Inside they hold large, dark brown seeds and soft, white, supersweet flesh.
There are two main varieties of custard apples, the Pinks Mammoth and the African Pride.
Custard apples are known as the "aristocrat of fruits". The flesh is a great nutritious way to satisfy a sweet tooth as the natural sugar provides sustained energy as well as other nutrients such as Vitamin C, dietary fibre, Vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium, .B2 and complex carbohydrate.
A custard apple is ripe when you gently squeeze it and it gives slightly under your hand. Much the same as an avocado. You can buy custard apples ready to eat, or ...

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